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Fabfilter Pro-R 2

Reverb med högkvalitativa algoritmer, vackert designade rum-modeller, decay rate- & post-EQ

Fabfilter Pro-R is a high-end algorithmic reverb plug-in with musical controls and a very natural sound. Its advanced algorithms have been carefully designed to blend well with the source and fit easily into a mix. FabFilter Pro-R is bursting with innovations like the intuitive Space control and the industry-first Decay Rate EQ that introduces free adjustment of the decay time over the frequency spectrum. With the built-in Post EQ and an abundance of high-quality factory presets, FabFilter Pro-R gives you pristine sound quality and maximum ease of use.

• Beautifully designed room models, ranging from small ambiences and rooms to large concert halls and huge cathedrals.
• Carefully developed to easily sit in the mix, without causing undesirable coloration, density or phase problems.
• Gorgeous Retina interface with large interactive reverb display featuring Decay Rate EQ and Post EQ curves.
• Very easy to set up, with user-friendly, non-technical controls.
• Space control, which smartly and smoothly combines the room model and decay time of the reverb — choose from over a dozen carefully designed room models and seamlessly vary between them, without hearing clicks or unwanted artifacts.
• Decay Rate control, changing the overall decay time from 50% to 200% of the current Space setting.
• Intelligent Stereo Width control, ranging from pure mono to true stereo and beyond.
• Distance control to adjust the proximity to the sound source in the selected space.
• Character control that changes the sound from a clean, transparent decay, to a lively reverb with pronounced reflections and echoes — all the way to an over-modulated chorus-like effect.
• Perfectly tuned Brightness knob, affecting not only overall brightness, but also the decay of high frequencies.
• Predelay control via the bottom bar, ranging from 0 to 500 ms, with optional tempo sync.
• Innovative six-band Decay Rate EQ, with Low/High Shelf, Bell and Notch filters. (Compared to the commonly used low- and high crossover system, the Decay Rate EQ opens a world of possibilities by giving users full control over the decay rate at different frequencies.)
• Six-band Post EQ to equalize the final reverb sound with Low/High Cut up to 96 dB/oct, Low/High Shelf and • Bell filters. (Together with the Decay Rate EQ, this lets users design reverbs of any style or character.)
• Real-time spectrum analyzer that also visualizes the decay time at different frequencies.
• Full Screen mode, offering a large analyzer display and Decay Rate EQ and Post EQ controller.
• Multiple interface sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large.
• Retina support on OS X and High DPI support on Windows.
• GPU-powered graphics acceleration.
• Supports common Pro Tools hardware control surfaces.
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Album: Referenstext om vald video


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  • Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, AU or VST 2/3 host or Pro Tools, Intel processor
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 & 64), VST 2/3 host or Pro Tools


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