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Radial Komit 500

Kompressor och limiter i 500-format, med både "old-school" clipping och brickwall-lägen

The Radial Komit is a feature-rich compressor-limiter that simplifies the process of dynamic manipulation while expanding upon creative tone shaping.

The minimalist approach should not be underestimated: the design provides exceptional flexibility by introducing various automatic functions that are both musical and intuitive.

The design begins with a feed-forward VCA compressor that is designed to react real-time to program material and is easily adjusted from slight 1:1 compression all the way to 10:1 using a single dial.

This is augmented with a dynamic control with program-dependent slow, medium and fast settings of the attack and decay times for voice, instrument or percussion.

This is accompanied by a 12 position 'old-school' bridge diode clipping limiter that can be set to 'brick wall' for ultra-clean set & forget digital recording, slight dynamic control with a bit of edge or down right nasty diode clipping when extreme measures are called for.

To ensure absolute signal integrity, full size discrete electronics are employed throughout while the vintage style Hammond broadcast transformer adds extra warmth to the signal path. A variable output control provides gain make-up or can be driven hard to create added distortion.

Dual ballistic VU metering makes it easy to simultaneously view compression and output when making adjustments.

Designed for use with all 500 series racks, the Komit can be linked for full stereo operation. When used with the Radial Workhorse, the Omniport is set as a key input for frequency dependent compression, de-essing, ducking or any number of dynamic manipulation effects.

The Komit combines the power of an advanced VCA compressor with the vintage tone of a diode bridge limiter in an easy to use, great sounding format.
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