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Playground Sessions MAC

Livstidsmedlemskap! Lär dig spela piano med real-tids feedback och interaktiva lektioner, för MAC

Playground Sessions is a revolutionary new way to learn to play the piano or keyboard. Now, have fun playing in an immersive environment of interaction and imagination.

Play Songs You Know and Love
Playground is designed to get you playing piano right away (even if you are a true beginner), using songs you actually like, to demonstrate music theory as you go. Browse a massive library of hits, buy the one you want and the lessons that go with it. All you need is a piano or a MIDI keyboard and a computer.

Play With A Great Teacher
Since his rendition of “Apologize” on the piano, David Sides' talent has earned him over 170 million views on YouTube. David’s genius is in his creativity, unique arrangements and love for sharing his talents with the world. David will be your teacher and his philosophy is simple: playing piano should be fun, you should play what you like, and you’re never too old to learn.

Play with Video Tutorial Lessons
The Follow Along Mode: David walks you through your song one step at a time, showing you how to play it; you then play along with him, phrase by phrase. He’s with you all the way with constructive feedback and helpful pointers on how to practice, what area to work on, and what to do to refine your skills.

Play with Interactive Feedback
The Practice Mode: David leaves you, and you practice on your own with real-time visual feedback that’s clear and instantaneous. Hit the right notes, and they glow green; play the wrong ones and they signal red. If you need to focus on a particular part just scroll back to it, practice, then loop over till you get it right.

Play with a Band
Back up helps. And who doesn't want to be a rockstar? While there’s plenty of opportunity to play solo in Playground, you can switch on a more holistic experience with accompaniments arranged by David Sides. You'll feel like you've got an entire band backing you up on stage and you can record your performance so you can share it with friends.

Play and Record Your Performance
The Proformance Mode: This is where the pieces come together. You perform the entire song, adding rich, layered, and fully orchestrated accompaniments created by David himself.

Record your composition and then share your masterpiece with your friends. Even if you're a Rookie with Playground's accompaniments, your friends will think you're a Grammy Award Winner!

Play with Scoring and Badging
Playground awards scores and badges for different achievements like accuracy of notes and rhythm, mastering a section of Bootcamp, or making headway in a particular musical genre. For competitive types, you can choose to see how you’re scoring relative to other people learning with Playground, and see your score up on a leaderboard.

Play with Friends
Get by with a little help from your friends. Playground lets you create a network with other users around the world to practice with, support, chat to, or challenge. Once you feel good about how you're playing, Playground has built-in features that make it super easy to broadcast your performance on Facebook or YouTube and tweet your badges and high points to your network.

Play with Levels
Unlike any other music learning tool, Playground Sessions uses levels to ease you into the learning experience. You can learn a song at any of the following three levels of difficulty - Rookie, Intermediate, and Advanced. Playground Sessions’ Bootcamp, the platform dedicated to developing your music theory skills, is also divided into Rookie, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

Play with Progress
Keeping an eye on how you’re progressing helps you learn. Playground translates your progress into an easy-to-read chart so you can actually see how and where you’re improving over time – whether it’s with individual songs, or specific areas such as right hand rhythm, or left hand accuracy.
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System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or better
  • 2GB RAM
  • Intel® Core Duo Processor or better
  • USB Port
  • 1.5 Mbps DSL Internet connection
  • Screen Resolution 1280 x 1024


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