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eMedia My Violin Mac

Violinlektioner för barn - Lär musikgrunderna, som noter och rytmer, på roliga och interaktivt sätt med musikspel och låtar!

My Violin provides over 160 violin lessons for kids or anyone young at heart! It features the animated character Val the Violin and instruction from professional violinist Sabina Skalar, M.M., who has played with the New York City Ballet. My Violin teaches children how to play violin with proper fingering and bowing technique; plus, they’ll learn the basics of music, including how to read music notation and play easy violin songs.

Violin lessons can help encourage a child’s confidence, self-discipline, and creativity. Research has shown that children who play music do better in school and make friends more easily.

Kids or adults learn violin easier and faster with the interactive technology in eMedia’s violin software. The Finger Tracker listens to the violin being played and shows whether fingers are placed correctly. The Animated Fingerboard shows proper fingerings as the music is being played. Interactive music games keep learning fun and engaging.

Features include:

Violin lesson videos to show proper hand positions and bowing techniques.
Over 160 lessons, including violin fingerings and how to read music notation with rhythm and note values.
Interactive Finger Tracker technology, where the computer listens to your playing via the microphone and shows whether you are playing the correct notes and whether your fingers are correctly placed for those notes.
Interactive music games that teach violin notes, accents, rhythms, and violin fingering.
An Animated Fingerboard makes learning how to play violin easier by showing proper violin fingerings as the music plays.
Variable-speed MIDI accompaniment tracks to play with make practicing fun.
Delightful beginner violin songs such as “Alouette,” “Au Claire de la Lune,” “Ode to Joy,” “London Bridge,” and more!
Violin lesson music can be played back as either recorded audio (full, violin-only or voice-only tracks) or as MIDI tracks which can be slowed down or sped up.
Selected sections of the music can be highlighted, looped, and slowed down for practicing tricky parts.
Integrated violin tools include an automatic violin tuner, metronome, and recorder.

My Violin was created to make beginning violin lessons fun and interactive. eMedia My Violin is the perfect way to teach children or anyone young at heart how to play violin!

Contents summary

I. Introduction, About the Violin, Practice Before Playing
Welcome; introduction to the violin; choosing a violin; the bow; caring for a violin; the strings; tuning the violin; Up and Down Plucking Song; holding a “box” violin; holding a “stick” bow; bow exercises using a pencil; preparing fingers to play; bow exercises using a straw; chin rest pad; holding the violin; tightening and loosening the bow hair; how to rosin the bow hair; holding the bow

II. Clap and Sing, Playing Your First Songs
I Like You – clap and sing; get ready to play; I Like You – each string; Which String is This? Game; more songs for each string; make up your own song; Magic Songs Game – One String; songs for string crossing; make up a string-crossing song; songs for two strings played together; Magic Songs Game – Two Strings

III. Using the Left Hand Fingers; Songs for Fingers 1, 2, and 3
Numbering the left-hand fingers; using the Finger Tracker; adding the 1st finger; songs for the 1st finger; Magic Songs Game – 1st Finger; adding the 2nd finger; songs for the 2nd finger; Magic Songs Game – 2nd finger; adding the 3rd finger; songs for the 3rd finger; Magic Songs Game – 3rd finger

IV. New Songs, Adding the 4th Finger, First Scales
Alouette; Hot Cross Buns; Mary Had a Little Lamb, playing short strokes, Mark Is Jumping, What Sign Is This? Game; adding the 4th finger; On the Bridge at Avignon; Sleep, Baby, Sleep; A Major scale; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; Jingle Bells; D Major scale; London Bridge is Falling Down; Which Part of the Bow Is It? Game; wrist motion; Rain Dance; G Major scale; Magic Songs Game – Pick the Strings; Go Tell Aunt Rhody; Sneaky Fox; Lightly Row

V. Introduction to Reading Notation
Notes; rhythm; The Rhythm Note Game; time signatures; bar lines; measures; the Note System Game; the strings; Open Strings Songs; Which String is This? Game; names of notes; fingering chart; notes on E and A strings; songs for E and A strings include: Lazy Mary, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Au Clair de la Lune, and more.

VI. Introduction to Reading Notation
Notes on D and G strings; rests; D Major scale; the D String Game; rests; the Rhythm Rest Game; Magic Songs Game – Reading Notes; G Major scale; the G String Game: Magic Songs Game – All Strings; songs for D and G strings include: Long, Long Ago; Diddle, Diddle Dumpling; When the Saints Go Marching In; the Wedding March; Jolly Old St. Nicholas; Teasing Song; Old MacDonald Had a Farm; Brother John; Row, Row, Row Your Boat; and more.
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