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Vir2 (by Big Fish) Electri6ity

Virtuell elgitarrist, 8 instrument: Strat, Tele, P90, Les Paul, Rickenbacker, Danelectro Lipstick, ES335 & L4, för Konrakt Player (medföljer)

Electri6ity is an epic electric guitar virtual instrument containing the most advanced, detailed, and versatile collection of electric guitars ever made in a virtual instrument. Electri6ity contains eight of the most famous and distinguished guitar tones from the history of the instrument: the Strat, Tele, P90, Les Paul, Rickenbacker, Danelectro Lipstick, ES335, and L4. More than 24,000 24-bit samples were taken of each guitar. Three pickup options (front, rear, and mixed) are available on every guitar. An impressive amount of samples allow you to play every articulation on every fret of every string for an absolutely authentic guitar sound. Downstrokes, upstrokes, seamless velocity layers, ghost notes, mutes, harmonics, hammer-ons, pulloffs, slides, releases, and FX...the sky is the limit with Electri6ity.

Electri6ity also utilizes the most advanced scripting to date, including the revolutionary Articulation Morphing Technology (A.M.T.) and Velocity Morphing Technology (V.M.T.), allowing for the seamless morphing from dead mute to sustain or from soft to loud. Advanced string and fretboard positioning is performed by artificial intelligence which adapts to your playing. Play fluid lines in real time using the legato engine, play chords using the chord detection engine which understands almost two thousand different chords, easily double-track, do unison bends, strum, pick, trill, tremolo pick, slide...all of this is built into the Electri6ity engine and full editing control is given over each of these parameters.

All samples in Electri6ity are recorded clean - a direct input from the guitar. Use Electri6ity´s built-in multieffects (phaser, flanger, chorus, reverb, and delay), Screamer module, and amp simulation (British, Classic, Clean, Jazz, Metal, Modern, and Rock) to make the sound come alive, or use your own guitar amps or simulators to multiply the possibilities.


Recordings of eight guitars:




Les Paul


Danelectro Lipstick



Three pickup positions:



Front + Rear Blend

Recorded variations per sample:



Seamless velocity layers

More than 24,000 recorded samples per guitar, recorded at 24-bit 44.1KHz fidelity

Playing modes:



Legato (Sustain/Muted)

All modes can be combined with a Slide Mode for real-time slides from each fret to each other fret.

Articulation list:

Sustain Neck <> Bridge

Sustain <> 5th / Octave Pinch Harmonics

Dead Notes <> Muted <> Half-Muted

Ghost Notes Clean

Ghost Notes Dirty



Hammer On (played after sustain note) / Hammer On (tapped)

Pull Off (played after sustain note) / Pull Off (tapped)

One and two frets Slides Up / Down

Slides (from and to every available fret)

FX Samples (Screams, Scratches, Whammy-FX, etc.)

Release types:

Finger Noise

Finger Noise Short

Mixed I

Mixed II

Hand Mute (fret can be selected)

Palm Mute

Slide Down Short

Slide Down Medium

Slide Down Long

Slide Down (1 fret, short)

Slide Up (1 fret, short)

Slide Noise Down

Slide Noise Up

Pick Noise
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Video titel

Album: Referenstext om vald video

Video titel

Album: Referenstext om vald video


Värdprogram Native Instruments Kontakt Player (medföljer)
Hårdvarunyckel krävs Nej
Storlek på nedladdning
Systemkrav PC
    • Pentium or Athlon 1.4 GHz
    • Windows XP or Windows Vista
    • min. 2 Gb Ram
    • 300 MB free disc space for player installation
    • additional hard disc space according to the library size
Systemkrav MAC
• G4 1.4 GHz or Intel® Core™ Duo 1.66 GHz
• OS 10.4.x
• min. 2 Gb Ram
• 300 MB free disc space for player installation
• additional hard disc space according to the library size


  • Electri6ity Demo 1.mp3
  • Electri6ity Demo 2.mp3
  • Electri6ity Demo 3.mp3
  • Electri6ity Demo 4.mp3
  • Electri6ity Demo 5.mp3
  • Electri6ity Demo 6.mp3
  • Electri6ity Demo 7.mp3
  • Electri6ity Demo 8.mp3
  • Electri6ity Demo 9.mp3
  • Electri6ity Demo 10.mp3


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