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D16 Group LuSH-101

Mjukvarusynt, polyfonisk, inspirerad av Roland SH-101, 8-parters multitimbral, 32 röster

LuSH-101 is a synthesizer created from modules that can be found in many modern virtual synthesizers, all combined into a single compact and logically intuitive design. However, this basic simplicity combined with its multilayer architecture turns it into an easy-to-use but extremely powerful instrument that can be programmed and tweaked quickly, almost effortlessly leveraging its maximum potential.

The multilayer architecture guarantees that both the sound design possibilities and number of unique situations in which LuSH-101 can be used are virtually limitless. Layered sounds can be created simply by assigning the layers to the same MIDI channel; the results can sound as massive as anything imaginable! Assigning the layers to different keyboard zones allows you to create even the most sophisticated splits. Of course, you can always assign the various layers to different MIDI channels for 8-part multitimbral usage. And, virtually any combination of splits, layers, and multitimbrality is possible with just a single instance of LuSH. With each layer working as an independent synthesizer with its own polyphony, parameters, enhanced arpeggiator, and a palette of only the finest insert effects, LuSH-101 can push your creativity to unprecedented levels!

Full Features
• Multilayer architecture with 8 independent Layers (per-layer properties)
• Up to 32 voices of polyphony
• MIDI channel
• Keyboard zone
• Audio output

• Oscillators (Saw, PWM, Noise), with Supersaw and HardSync options
• Sub Oscillator (5 waveforms)
• Self-oscillating, high-quality, multimode filter
• Passive high-pass filter
• Up to 8 voice unison with Tune, Cutoff and Panorama spread
• 2 LFOs with optional tempo synchronization and re-triggering modes (Trig, Gate, Arpe, None)
• 2 envelopes with re-triggering modes (Trig, Gate, LFO1, LFO2)

Insert effect (selectable algorithms):
• Chorus
• String Ensemble
• Phaser
• Flanger
• Distortion
• Vowel filter
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Video titel

Album: Referenstext om vald video

Video titel

Album: Referenstext om vald video


Hårdvarunyckel krävs Nej
  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Mac OS X 10.7 till 10.15
  • 1,5 GHz processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 32 eller 64-bit
*Se D16 Groups hemsida för uppdaterade systemkrav.

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... Min absoluta favvis, och antagligen många andras också. Enkel och kraftfull. Precis så det ska vara.

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