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Yamaha MV-8060 Klubba

Kromatisk slagverksklubba, garnhuvud och rottingskaft, väldigt mjuk

Mallets found in our professional models have been carefully designed with specific weights and special characteristics that allow the player to draw substantial tone from the instrument. The core on our two-tone models is wrapped with a special rubber porous with air, which results in an obvious change in tone when going between a hard-hitting forte and delicate piano. Every mallet in the series is carefully made by hand to guarantee the very highest level of quality. Yarn wound models are available with either rattan or birch shaftsp.

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Huvuddiameter 36 x 23mm
Huvudhårdhet Väldigt mjuk
Huvudmaterial Garn
Skaftlängd 400 mm
Skaftmaterial Rotting


Snittbetyg Yamaha MV-8060 Klubba
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