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Best Service Era II: Medieval Legends Upgrade

Uppgradering från ERA: Medieval Legends till ERA II, kräver att du har ERA I registrerat hos

takes you to a distant journey, deeper into the medieval than ever. Eduardo Tarilonte, creator of award-winning libraries such as Forest Kingdom, Desert Winds, Epic World and Shevannai, presents the considerably expanded version of the first edition of ERA Medieval Legends.

ERA II offers an even more comprehensive selection of historic instruments. This library holds the perfect instruments for film- and television soundtracks with historical background, fantasy-games as well as folk-music, medieval-rock and related compositions.

For ERA II, Eduardo Tarilonte has created 25 new instruments, resulting in a total number of over 70 instruments, all being recorded in highest detail and quality. In addition, there are a large number of soundscapes available - all ready to be used within the advanced Engine-Player and its generously expanded and specifically optimized user interface.

Recordings for ERA II took place in different selected spanish studios, such as Madrid's Infinity Studios as well as Eldana Studios in Dueñas, just to name some. Also, numerous talented musicians contributed their skills to the project, among them
Rinaldo Valldeperas (crumhorns, shawms, renaissance soprano recorder), Efren López (Gittern, Bass Citole, Medieval Psaltery, Medieval Lute), Cecilia Nocilli, Lorena Porres and many others.

All instruments and voices have been recorded using a Neumann U87 microphone being accompanied by selected highest quality preamps from manufacturers such as Avalon and Neve. The instruments have intentionally been captured with close mic techniques avoiding unwanted room information to enable the user full control over the following sound shaping process and added effects.

ERA II pursues the goal of capturing the musical atmosphere and sound aesthetics of the medieval, porting these old times into the computer-based production environment. The carefully programmed user interface of the Engine-Player supports easy use of the library, allowing the sounds of ERA II to create inspiration and unfold the musician's full creativity. ERA II is very much like an exciting fantasy-novel, taking musicians and composers to a journey into dark and long forgotten times.

ERA II is well suited for different styles and genres ranging from medieval scores with authentic sounding instruments to fantasy-music, soundtracks and new-age-spheres.
The sounds of ERA II are absolutely unique and cannot be found in any other library. Added is an overwhelming choice of instruments, sounds and soundscapes that provide musicians with a complete sonic compendium for the task that virtually needs no additional sounds.

The instruments in ERA II use extensive multisampling, dynamic layering, diverse articulations, round-robin and true-legato-samples. The library contains 25 gigabytes of sample data including all instruments and sounds of part one.


• Renaissance Soprano Recorder
• Renaissance Alto Recorder
• Renaissance Tenor Recorder
• Renaissance Bass Recorder
• Traditional Soprano Recorder
• Traditional Wooden Flute
• Gemshorn
• 2 holed flute (NEW in ERA II)
• Tin Whistle (NEW in ERA II)
• Wooden Transverse Flute (NEW in ERA II)

• Crumhorn Soprano
• Crumhorn Alto
• Crumhorn Tenor
• Crumhorn Bass
• Bagpipe A
• Bagpipe D
• Chirimia
• Bombarde

War Horns:
• Anyafil
• Shofar
• Celtiberic War Horn (NEW in ERAII)
• War Horn (NEW in ERAII)

• Natural Trumpet (NEW in ERAII)
• Sackbut (NEW in ERAII)
• Cornetto (NEW in ERAII)

Bowed Strings:
• Bass Viola da Gamba
• Fidule
• Hurdy Gurdy
• Viola de Roda (NEW in ERAII)
• Bowed Psaltery (NEW in ERAII)
• Tromba Marina (NEW in ERAII)
• Nyckelharpa (NEW in ERAII)
• Fiddle Grooves (NEW in ERAII)
• Tenor viola da gamba (NEW in ERAII)

Plucked Strings:
• Baroque Guitar
• Renaissance Lute
• Renaissance Small Harp
• Renaissance Small Bray Harp
• Zither
• Psaltery (Beaten)
• Medieval Psaltery (NEW in ERAII)
• Gittern (NEW in ERAII)
• Bass Citole (NEW in ERAII)
• Medieval Lute (NEW in ERAII)
• Small Psaltery (NEW in ERAII)
• Gothic Harp (NEW in ERAII)
• Langeleik (NEW in ERAII)

• Organetto
• Spinet
• Virginal

• Tavern Singers (NEW in ERAII)

• Army Piccolo Snare
• Barbarian Frame Drum I
• Barbarian Frame Drum II
• Frame Drum (stick)
• Bombo Leguero
• Bumbac High
• Bumbac Mid
• Bumbac Low
• Distant Drums
• Execution Snare I
• Execution Snare II
• Juglar Snare
• Tambourine I
• Tambourine II
• Tambourine III
• Church Bells
• Napoleonic Snare (NEW in ERAII)
• Field Drum (NEW in ERAII)
• Kettle Drums (NEW in ERAII)
• Claps (NEW in ERAII)
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Album: Referenstext om vald video


Värdprogram Engine 2 (medföljer)
Hårdvarunyckel krävs Nej
Storlek på nedladdning
13,48 GB
Systemkrav PC
    • Windows Vista, Windows 7/8, 32bit & 64bit
    • Pentium/Athlon XP 3.0GHz
    • min. 2 Gb Ram
Systemkrav MAC
 • OS 10.9, 10.10
 • Intel Mac 2GHz
 • min. 2GB Ram


  • Game of Thrones Cover.mp3
  • Skulls and Crossbones by Eduardo Tarilonte.mp3
  • Dragons Tale by Peter Jeremias.mp3
  • Age of Legends by Eduardo Tarilonte.mp3
  • The Fable by Fran Soto.mp3
  • Where Faeries Live by Eduardo Tarilonte.mp3


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