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Reloop Keypad

25-tangenters USB MIDI-keyboard med DAW-kontroll och drumpads

- Intuitive possibilities:
The Reloop Keypad is the compact and versatile DAW solution for producers and performers who use the popular Ableton Live software. Aside from its extremely compact dimensions, which make the controller fit comfortably into almost any laptop bag, the Keypad offers users a variety of intuitive possibilities; from beat programming while on the road, to setting-up a control station for studio projects as well as being a creative tool for a live gig.

- Creative tool:
The Keypad is made up of 25 velocity-sensitive keys, 8 faders, 16 rotary knobs and 8 endless encoders with push function, making this USB MIDI controller an indispensable creative tool.

- Create complex compositions:
A unique highlight of the Keyfadr is its ability to help create complex compositions on the fly. The internal arpeggiator can build vivid sequences with flexible quantization possibilities that give a subtle nuance to your sound, while the chord mode can punch out different combinations at the strike of just a single key. Scale mode helps you hit the right key every time by playing the correct tones matched to the chosen scale.

- 16 velocity sensitive drum pads:
The 16 velocity sensitive and backlit drum pads make it possible to create fast drumming sequences. Or, alternatively, they can be used in different control and program change modes for triggering effect racks or activating plug-ins.

- Ableton Live Lite 9 included:
Ableton Live Lite 9 comes included with Keypad, and the controller is ready to plug-and-play once the software is installed, getting you set-up and running in seconds, without having to make your own complicated mappings. Creating a live performance is easy with Keypad, as Ableton's live clip view can be set to control all major clip and navigation commands using only the Keypad surface.
The creative DAW-station for Ableton Live: Reloop Keypad.

- Features:
• Compact DAW workstation
• Compact USB MIDI keyboard with DAW control and drum pads
• Combines the most useful functions for music production in one device
• Drum pads: 16 velocity sensitive trigger pads with backlit LEDs
• Keyboard: 25 mini keys with 9 playable octaves
• Control section: 8 channel faders with endless encoders (pan), 2 control knobs, (send/return) and three backlit function buttons (mute, solo, rec)
• Full integration and easy plug and play for Ableton Live 9
• DAW transport controls (play, stop, rec, scene up/down, play/ stop clips, overdub, set marker, marker left/right, cycle, tap, metronome)
• On board arpeggiator with multiple modes and internal/external MIDI clock
• Chord feature: Easily play the most common chords in this versatile mode
• Scale mode: Choose from four different scales and always hit the right key
• Shift button for second layer control and selection between two performance scenes
• Fully USB powered controller requires no external power source
• Other MIDI mappings available as download
• Ableton Live 9 Lite included (value upgrade opportunity)
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Album: Referenstext om vald video


Note keys 25 (velocity sensitive)
Dials 32
Inputs/outputs 1 mini USB port
Capacity < 100 mA, 5V DC via USB
Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 320 x 29 x 285 mm
Pads 16 (velocity sensitive)


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