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Radial Phazer Kit

Radial JDX och Radial Phzer inkl. skumfyllt Zebracase

The Radial Phazer Kit is designed to deliver the biggest fattest guitar tones ever unleashed upon mankind! Combine the amazing tone from the Radial JDX Reactor with your favorite mic and then phase-align the two signals using the Phazer from Radial Engineering Ltd.

Start by connecting the JDX in between the guitar amp head and speaker cabinet. The JDX's unique reactive load captures both the sound of the head and the back electromagnetic impulse from the loudspeaker. The signal is then processed through a multi-stage filter to replicate the sound of a 4x12 half stack.

Add a mic in front of the amp or place one in the room. Electronically phase shift the JDX signal using the Radial Phazer. This old-school 100% discrete phase adjustment tool sounds fat and warm. Now adjust the phase so that the fundamentals line up… instant huge!

• Combination JDX and Phazer in convenient kit
• Use the JDX to capture the sound of the amp
• Use the Phazer to time-align the signal with the mic
• Foam-filled full surround Zebracase included
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