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Melda Production MCreativeFXBundle

Innehåller 23 effekter för seriösa kompositörer som kräver de mest avancerade mjukvaro-pluggarna på marknaden

Don't limit your creativity and make your own unique sound!

MCreativeBundle currently contains 23 effects for serious composers who want the most advanced technology soft-tools for taking their own sound creativity past the limits of their imagination.

This is possible, now, through the flexibility that we have engineered into each The multiband plugins can have up to six completely independent bands; each shaping your work into unique and musical sounds. Each oscillator in any of the plugins is defined by the most advanced technology in the world; which combines predefined shapes with custom shapes and a step sequencer. Additionally, global modulators can move any parameter thereby making your sound both interesting and pleasing. Of course, you can also torture sounds in any way you like, as needed for your genre.

• MMultiBandRhythmizer
• MRhythmizer
• MVintageRotary
• MMultiBandComb
• MWobbler
• MMultiBandConvolution
• MMultiBandFreqShifter
• MMultiBandChorus
• MMultiBandHarmonizer
• MMultiBandReverb
• MMultiBandDelay
• MMultiBandDistortion
• MFilter
• MMultiBandAutopan
• MMultiBandPhaser
• MMultiBandFlanger
• MMultiBandGranular
• MMultiBandRingModulator
• MMultiBandVibrato
• MMultiBandTremolo
• MMultiBandSaturator
• MMultiBandWaveShaper
• MVocoder
• MRotary
• MUnison
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Video titel

Album: Referenstext om vald video

Video titel

Album: Referenstext om vald video


Hårdvarunyckel krävs Nej
  • Mac OS X (10.5+, 32 & 64), VST/VST3/AU compatible host, Intel/AMD processor
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 & 64), VST/VST3 compatible host (use 32-bit plugins for 32-bit hosts even if you are using 64-bit Windows)


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