Pioneer XW-LF1 Aqua Blue - Returexemplar på - Sveriges musikaffär på nätet.
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Pioneer XW-LF1 Aqua Blue - Returexemplar

360° bluetooth-högtalare med storlek som en smartphone, 7h batteritid, turkos

The FreeMe devices are the natural extension of a smartphone or tablet. Which is why they feel right at home wherever they are used: in the kitchen while cooking or dining, in a desktop environment, somewhere on the move, or in the garden. The built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery plays approximately 7 hours before it needs to be recharged. And if needed, these devices can also be powered via the mains.

- Bluetooth made easy:
While designing these new FreeMe speakers, we kept the strengths that Bluetooth has to offer, and got rid of the pesky bits. We added NFC (Near Field Communication), which allows compatible phones and tablets to be recognized instantly by the device. And once a Bluetooth connection is being established, the Bluetooth Auto Connect feature will automatically reconnect with the Bluetooth device in the future. In other words: as soon as the user approaches a FreeMe device, his music is ready to be played. Without any hassle or delay.

- Hands free calling:
Both FreeMe devices allow the user to answer an incoming phone call by simply pressing a single button. And thanks to the built-in microphone, even hands free calls are an option.

- Equal sound dispersion:
The smart and effective Wide Circle Sound 360° design allows the users to sit wherever they please. That is because the speaker radiate their sound evenly in a 360° pattern. Two 40 mm full range drivers with neodymium magnets, aided by a passive radiator, make sure the sound quality is up to Pioneer’s standards.

- Pioneer Wireless Streaming app:
To make sure that it’s a pleasant and truly convenient experience to stream music over Bluetooth to the FreeMe devices, Pioneer’s matching wireless streaming app is a big plus. This app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at no cost in the App Store. The app is also available in Google® Play for Android devices.

- Look & Feel:
Some products seem destined to become a style icon. The casual, elegant style of the FreeMe devices balances delicately between urban sophistication and postmodern chique and looks pleasant to the eye.
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