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SPL Reducer 1160

Passiv Power Soak för gitarr- och basförstärkare

The Reducer is as simple as the name implies, it reduces the power output of the guitar amp. This means that all sorts of amps, especially tube amps, can now be overdriven without the need of having to be too loud.

Just like the other SPL power soak products Transducer and Cabulator, we developed the Reducer together with the amp specialists from Tonehunter in Cologne, Germany.
It is placed between the guitar amp and the speaker. At this stage, it converts the amp's electric power into heat. Power reduction with resistors requires no additional power supply. The passive principle guarantees an accurate sound reproduction without any influence on the frequency response curve. So the Reducer is neutral, providing just a volume control.

For the amp output, impedance can be set to 4, 8 or 16 Ohm. Reduction is stepwise in the first stages, but it can then be adjusted continuously.


Dimensions & Weight
  • Height: 68 mm, 85 mm with feet
  • Depth: 190 mm, 208 mm with controls and sockets
  • Width: 179 mm

  • Weight: 1,8 kg/3.97 lbs
  • Input Socket: 1/4" TS (Mono Jack)
  • Output Socket: 1/4" TS (Mono Jack)
Max. input load 
  • @4 Ohms: 90 W RMS/120 W Peak
  • @8 Ohms: 200 W RMS/260 W Peak
  • @16 Ohms: 160 W RMS/180 W Peak


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